Myth of the “outside agitator”

When biased media sources report the news they take the word of the police verbatim even though there is ample evidence of police departments lying. And lying for years. But Police and a lot people usually blame “outside agitators” for violence during protests. So one can look at a video of a cop unmasking and masing someone, then another video of cops driving into a crowd of people and still think,

“Well there is violence on both sides and a lot of those people don’t live there! And property damage!”

The myth of outside agitators goes back, even to the Bronze Age collapse. Some scholars have argued that the centralized states of many kingdoms suffered from rebellions. Many of those Kingdoms, Egyptians and Greeks blamed the Sea People (Sea People maybe simply be Bronze Age slang for “our centralized totalitarian state is falling apart and the people are rebelling, I mean people outside our great kingdom want to bring us down!”). They have argued this because there was a lot of “property damage” far inland in many places. Like too far for an army to get to without completely destroying a civilization. (I’m still looking for the evidence I came across to support this)

From the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts to the FBI the term has been used to describe anybody deemed radical from socialist in the 1920s and 30s, to civil rights activists. From King to Carmichael. Back during the Antebellum period abolitionists pushing for the eradication of slavery were deemed “outside agitators” by southern planters to discredit abolition.

The term allows the state to use “really morally reprehensible acts of violence against labor activists…..In the early 1950s, there was this idea that if you were a civil rights activist, and if you were pushing for an end to racial segregation, you were a communist……It’s always used by those in power, but not necessarily by the federal government…”

As a caveat when I use the term. I’m referring to white supremacists, because there is evidence of people trying to boogaloo. But I will be much more cause of how I use the term given its long history. While this can be an argument to just stop using term. I think we have enough evidence on outside that supports or arguments.


“How can you say the police are racist? There are black cops, are they racist?”

Firstly, just because an institution, regime, whatever has officers, who are of the ethnicity that they a suppressing, genociding, murdering, etc., doesn’t mean that that regime is not racist.

Saying the police in America, saying that institution isn’t racist, because there are black officers, is like saying the Nazis aren’t anti-Semitic because of Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army.

There are those who might say;

“That’s not good comparison!” “Those things aren’t the same!”

To that I say, that I’m not making a one to one comparison across the damn board. I’m simply stating that there are similarities.

And these similarities aren’t random that Nazis where deeply influenced by American segregation.

In the Article Why the Nazis Loved America by James Whitman, he says; “In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, America led the world in race-based lawmaking” These laws had broad support because they were seen as preserving the historically white character of the America, codifying white nationalism.

According to Whitman,

“European racists took note. Among them was Adolf Hitler. In Mein Kampf, Hitler called America the “one state” making progress toward the creation of the kind of order he wanted for Germany. In 1935, the National Socialist Handbook on Law and Legislation, a basic guide for Nazis as they built their new society, would declare that the United States had achieved the “fundamental recognition” of the need for a race state.”

In the Article What America Taught the Nazis by Ira Katzenelson, (Who was utilizing Whitmans research) the writings of the German lawyer Heinrich Krieger, were extremely important in codifying American Law into Nazi laws. Krieger (Not the guy from Archer) studied at the University of Arkansas School of Law. He was “Seeking to deploy historical and legal knowledge in the service of Aryan racial purity”. He studied many racist regimes, including South Africa, but something in America stood out. It was, dare I say it, fucking disgusting.

In America, the enforcers of our racist laws were the police. According to the article How the U.S. Got Its Police Force Olivia B. Waxman the first publicly funded police force was created in Boston in 1838. Merchant figured that it would be cheaper to use a public security force to protect their goods than to keep hiring private people. They could also argue that the police would be for everyone, thus justifying the public expenditure. But in the south the primary policing apparatus was that of the slave patrols. These out date the public police in the north; “the first formal slave patrol had been created in the Carolina colonies in 1704”. The south commerce was not centered on shipping, the property that needed suppression (definitely not protection) were the enslaved peoples. After the Civil War, during Reconstruction;

“many local sheriffs functioned in a way analogous to the earlier slave patrols, enforcing segregation and the disenfranchisement of freed slaves.”

We know that the first police in England were created to protect property and stop thieves and were know that the Nazis started which a strong incentive to destroy the Jews. These are almost given.

Now you might say;

“So everything is racist and capitalist, but it’s not anymore and the reason there are black cops is because America isn’t racist anymore, or at least not as racist. It’s not like Jews fought for the Nazis. If that were true then that would undermine my argument so thoroughly that I’d go into a coma.”

Well1 Since you brought it up. Yes! There were Jewish Nazi soldiers, or rather Jewish soldiers (Saying Jewish Nazi is as ridiculous as saying Black Klansman) that fought for and alongside the Nazis.

According to the William D. Montalbano article The Jews in Hitler’s Military;

more than 1,200 of Hitler’s soldiers, including two field marshals and 10 generals, “men commanding up to 100,000 troops.” Had Jewish ancestry. “In about 20 cases, soldiers of Jewish heritage were awarded the Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military honor.”

In Finland Jewish members of the military fought with the Nazis against the Soviets, you know, because Stalin was an asshole.

These people exist, yet no one would ever argue that the Nazis aren’t racist. Jewish soldiers fought for the same German government that was killing their families, their people.

Sound familiar anybody?

I close with this question and attempt to answer it;

Why would anybody fight for a regime that is killing them?

In America, de facto segregation has led to an environment of limited resources that forces many, not all, black people into a life a crime, where some of the may victimize their own people in order to survive.

I can’t speak for why a Jewish person would want to serve in the Nazi Army, but I can speculate (or use research readily available on the internet, i’ll do that later). During Jim Crow, to save black people. During the rise and administration of the Nazis in Germany, nobody was coming to save the Jews. We turned away a ship full of Jews the M.S. St. Louis, because of some quota bullshit;

“The passengers would have to abide by an existing quota system that allowed only about 27,000 people from Germany and Austria into the United States.”

I guess a little over 900 Jews from Germany and Austria would have put us over. The point is that nobody was coming to save them. Sure America liberated camps when it was a war aim, but stopping the Holocaust was not the point of the war. Western Imperialist just couldn’t stand the expansionist will of Hitler’s fascism. I seriously doubt that if Hitler just stayed in Germany and kept killing all non-whites, no nation would have batted an eye. (Of course the Nazis would expand and America would have fought them in most cases). The point is that it was not about the Jews.

So what do you do when you know there is no one coming?

You are prey!

You feed on your own people. Jews who sold out other Jews for rank and to survive. Gang violence and other forms of abuse relating to black on black crime in America.

You can join the enforcement arm of the state that is oppressing you.

Maybe you can make a change.

At the very least you can protect you family.

These are all reasons, but it is also important to remember that the vast majority of Jewish people who fought for the Nazis were drafted. And many weren’t aware of their Jewish ancestry. And while the Nazis were always stupid, when it came to determining who was what, they were extra stupid in determining who was Jewish. They literally just decided on a whim.

“Ah, this guy makes great movies. He is not Jewish!”

This happened to German Expressionist film Director Fritz Lang. Joseph Goebbels offered him a position. When Lang told Goebbels of his Jewish ancestry, Goebbels said, ‘we decide who is Aryan!’

The reasons are complication. This is not a one to one comparison, but there are similarities.

Anyway the point is that Black cops doesn’t mean America isn’t racist.


I hope it was worth it

“She bumped me and I said ‘excuse you.’ And then she started cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space,”

The woman didn’t apologize, in fact she pulled out a gun and started telling this unarmed black woman and her daughter to get back. You shouldn’t pull out a gun unless you plan on using it. The white womans life was never in any danger and she must have known that. It’s a good thing she was arrested. I hope it was worth her and her partners job.

It’s funny the white couple in St. Louis claimed to be supporters of BLM.
The husband said,

“The Black Lives Matters movement is here to stay, it is the right message, and it is about time”

They said they pulled guns on aggressive white protesters. Ok, what ever. They pulled guns on all of us. Well at least Lyda apologized.

Now we just gotta get her ass out.


Hate Crime outside the Chaz

The main threats to the autonomous zone in Seattle are White Supremacists and those that support them: Proud Boys, Neo-Nazis, the Klan and Police.
In fact when DeJuan Young was shoot by either Proud Boys, or the Klan, he was shot outside the Chaz. Shitty reporting done by the New York Post intentionally miss reported the fact that
DeJuan Young was outside of the Chaz when he was shot by White Supremacists. Again DeJuan Young was outside of the Chaz when he was shot by White Supremacists. Should I say it again? The New York Post, like the Cops they have an anti-left, anti-black bias.

According to DeJuan Young

“‘I understand everybody’s going to say, “Oh, it was the CHAZ zone and ya’ll asked for the police not to be there, so don’t act like ya’ll need them now.’ 
‘But technically I was outside that area. I was in Seattle streets. So what’s the excuse now?'”

The police used the Chaz as an excuse for not helping him. They said they couldn’t get in. They know the shooting took place outside the Chaz, because we know, they don’t care. Since the Chaz has been in existence it has experienced less violence than many out cities. City with police. And the vast majority of violent crime has literally come from white supremacists! Many people in the Chaz appreciate the lack of tear gas. They do not appreciate the white supremacists who got into the Chaz, kill people, and flee.


Somebody Got Reparations it just wasn’t us

According to Isheka N. Harrison author of the June 2019 article Slaveowners Got Reparations For Financial Loss After Emancipation. Enslaved African-Americans Got Nothing, White Union loyalists received up to $300 for every person freed. President Abraham Lincoln did pay reparation, ex-slaves just didn’t get any. I guess they were still thought of a property the largest individual payout under the District of Columbia Emancipation Act was $18,000 for 69 slaves.

Haiti to pay France after they rebelled and England paid around $26.2 million to slaveholders in Caribbean when they abolished slavery.

Nicka Sewell-Smith, referencing records about reparations made to former slaveholders, stated

“My ancestors slaveholder received the equivalent of more than $15,000 today. They got not a dime from the federal government.”

While we didn’t get reparations, we and the government, decedents of the enslaved and former slaves, effectively paid reparations to the people who enslaved us. So not only did we not get shit, we paid the people who, raped, tortured and murdered us, (and in a strong de facto sense, that state still does). The government reimbursed them, bailed them out, paid them because they lost property, which was us, by the way.


Organifi ad

Saw this Organifi ad, on YouTube, basically telling people not to wear masks because certain minerals will sure up your immune system.

I’m not sure how it got around the current bans on BS around the COVID -19 pandemic, but it did.

It is fundamentally irresponsible to promote something like this at anytime, but especially now.

It is fundamentally undemocratic privileging the market over civic welfare.

“CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”

What the Organifi people were advocating was certain minerals can sure up your immune system. The ad also said something along the lines of “not needing to live in fear” which brings to mind that machismo style, and language, Trump trieds to employ in relation to wearing masks. He gives off the image that wearing a mask in a “weak” “sissy” thing to do. He’s doesn’t want to give into the left.

I feel like Organifi is co-opting that language.

Just watch out for it.


No more individual rights, just man-nipples

According to Eco fascism promotes a view where individuals no longer have rights, but they are subject to a Common Will that is interpreted by the leader. Citizens don’t act, but they are actors. Playing the role of the people, Kind of like how cops, who are ghost skins, pretend to be police but are really playing a role. In fascism selective populism or a qualitative populism “one follows the decisions of the Majority”.

There is no democracy, not individual rights, just the nebulous majority.
In the Italian Parliament Mussolini reference his maniples, one could believe that maniples is what it means – a subdivision of the traditional Roman legion and a metaphor for his supreme power and totalitarian control of the people people or you could literally interpret it a man nipples. So when Mussolini says,

“I could have transformed this deaf and gloomy place into a bivouac for my maniples”

You can gasp is fear and anger or you can think “even in the historical context, they some how sound even stupider!” What ever you think its important to take the threat seriously, but to acknowledge its stupidity.
Laugh at the idiots as we beat them!


Etymology of Fascism

A Roman magistrate, a lictor in a flowing white tunic, is presented with a band, a load, a bundle of rods for whipping. Inside the linden tree sticks sleeps an axe with the head, the blade, erect, projecting visions of beheadings.

The bundle is representative of high power, and supremacy. This is the fasces which the Italian Moose named his 1920s group after.

The partito nazionale fascista.

In 1895, in Sicily, fasci meant a group, or groups of men organized for political purposes.



Native Americans already got their reparations, they were paid in Casinos.

What about black people?

Trust me, I understand the sentiment, I felt that way to until I started looking into whether Amerindian groups actually got reparations. The history is messed. After years of broken treaties and even fighting in WW2 Congress created the Indian Claims Commission in 1946.

“This body ended up awarding about $1.3 billion to 176 tribes and bands. The money was largely given to groups, which then distributed the money among their members. For some tribes whose members didn’t live on a reservation, note historians Michael Lieder and Jake Page, the money was distributed per capita. For those who did live on reservations, the money was often earmarked for tribal projects. So not ever body got it and those that did receive money basically got “about $1,000 per person of Native American ancestry.”

Everybody didn’t get a casino. Don’t forget that we as black people have had an upper-class for years who didn’t and still doesn’t give much a crap about the rest of us. I don’t think other minorities are that different. Many Native American Communities are marred with drug abuse and crime similar to Black communities. Certainly not the same but similar.

And not to mention that most of that money is still being held and mismanaged by the US government. There is a little bit of improvement with Thousands of American Indians who may well “receive part of a $3.4 billion settlement with the federal government, ending a long-running dispute over government mismanagement of tribal lands and accounts.”

But its along way to go. And The US government has many people it need to pay. The Hawiaians who lost their land in an overthrow and got land that was “remote and unfit for development.

The Tuskegee Airmen got $10 million and an apology. Florida “lawmakers passed a bill that paid $2.1 million in reparations to survivors of the Rosewood Massacre”. Chicago created a $5.5 million reparations fund for survivors of police brutality aimed at black men during the 1970s and 1980s. And Japanese American internment survivors got $20,000 and apology. It’s a weird history and anything they will never be enough and they owe a lot of people, but if they can spend so much on the military, while still spending on a thousand different government departments I think they can give all of us reparations.

But I will say this, I also think also think we should get our first.

We have waited too fucking long.

The Amerindian Community deserves more too, but we’ve gotten nothing.

When asked about reparations for slavery Biden’s dopey ass responded

“The answer is it depends on what it was and will it include Native Americans as well,” he said.

Obviously Biden hasn’t done his research not does he care about differentiating between Black and Amerindian reparations. You shouldn’t talk about them as though they are the same the same thing.

Amerindians didn’t get shit, lets be honest about that, but Black people got even less than that. I wasn’t this pissed when I first started writing this, but FUCK.

Biden you insult both groups and your own intelligence when you say dumb shit like that.


“Our life is ruined. It’s never going to be the same… I’d like to see that happen to him!”

The attorneys of Mark Ciavarella Jr. who was convicted of taking $1 million in bribes from the developers of juvenile detention centers asked for a “reasonable” sentence, claiming that he suffered enough. They argued that Ciavarella, like the mostly black children who he sold like slaves, had been punished enough.

Jeff Pollins whose stepson was convicted by Ciavarella, said,

“Our life is ruined. It’s never going to be the same… I’d like to see that happen to him!”[1]

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court tossed ended up tossing out 4,000 convictions issued by Ciavarella between 2003 and 2008, claiming that he violated these kids constitutional rights. Rights like “the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea.”

Apparently, nobody told Ciavarella that slavery officially end on June 19 1865.