Ways to Fight Fascists

Imagine if there was a large counter protest on January 6th. Would the fascists have made it to the White House? Maybe, but two things definitely would have occurred. 1. Many of those white supremacist fascists militia monsters would have been discouraged and would not have shown up. 2. Their would have been a police presence.

I not blaming people for not counter-protesting in mass, Only a serious inhuman piece of shit would do that. I’m saying that those who are antifascist and willing to get out there have a lot of power. I also was to thank all those people who have gone out to counter-protest you are all my hero. I don’t have a favorite movie star, musician or what ever. I don’t have an idol. I don’t respect any historical figure, they are all garbage are far as I’m concerned. But I do love those people who stand up to fascists cops on and off duty and to fascist generally.

I realize that I’m too much of a coward to face down what you all have faced down and I have a deep respect for all of you. Yes, I’m scared of the police and I have a sneaking suspicion that those people have have disparaged protests for years are also cowards.

Until you face done a cop in riot gear, risk arrest and actually fight for your rights, just shut the fuck up.

I am sick of hearing people be like “They too violent! They should do this or that” and they have never down any direct action and they are not even saying that shit about the fascist pigs kettling children.

If this is too mean, good. If this hurts you then you participate in some direct action or offer support in some other way. You don’t have to face down a cop to help, but don’t judge the ones who do.

By RC Patterson M.A.

I have several years of experience writing, teaching, working with organizations. I have six years of experience writing and publishing my work and working with students of all ages and various businesses and organizations in St. Louis, MO. I spend much of my time writing and reading fiction and nonfiction.

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